Engraving Machines | Gravure Support
We specialize in the DTG engraver, a Helioklischograph with DTG controls and amplifiers.
These engravers are extremely reliable workhorses that always deliver the best possible quality gravure, especially when operated with DLManager or GravoComplete (Packaging) or Impose2 (Publication) PrePress applications.
Modern engravers may be faster and more automated, but the much cheaper 'Old Faithful' DTG engraver reliably delivers great quality, year after year.

And now there is the DMA R10-16 engraver, with a newly developed engrave head and electronics. The best line work quality engraved together with CT in one screen.
No special electronics, software, slow processes or expensive heads needed.
We are raving about this newly developed engraver from DMA Innotec

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